About us

Sprekende geschiedenis is an initiative of the BMP foundation.
The BMP Foundation is a national project organisation that develops innovative social and cultural projects.

The website portal Sprekende geschiedenis fits within the broader project National Oral History Hub.



Steering Committee Members Oral History Knooppunt


  • Selma Leydesdorff, emeritus professor of Oral history and culture at the UvA
  • Dienke Hondius, adjunct professor at the VU, on behalf of the Working Group Oral History of the Huizinga Institute
  • Marloes Hülsken, senior lecturer at the HAN teacher training and initiator of the website Oral history in the classroom
  • Domenica Ghidei Biidu, (independent chair), strategic advisor and executive coach on inclusion and diversity
  • Nicole Emmenegger, project manager of the Institute for Sound and Vision
  • Arjan van Hessen research assistant language and speech technology at the University of Twente and board member of the Open Speech Technology Foundation
  • Leo Lucassen, director of the International Institute of Social History (IISH), on behalf of the KNAW
  • Halima Özen, Programme maker Library Midden Brabant and diversity and inclusivity manager
  • Bert Finke, chairman of ErfgoedNetwerk Emmen and developer of the Erfgoed Academie Drenthe
  • Jantje Steenhuis, director of the Rotterdam City Archives
  • Marjan Ruiter, Director Zeeuws Museum
  • Lian van der Zon, Public and history, Erfgoed Gelderland