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CLARIN Café: Voices from Ravensbrück on the Web – a Multilingual Challenge

The virtual CLARIN cafe will take place on 2 December from 14.00 to 16.00. CLARIN stands for Common Language Research Infrastructure, and is a research infrastructure with open source data and tools for researchers from many disciplines in Europe.


This organisation has funded the curation project ‘Voices from Ravensbruck’. This involves bringing together interviews from different countries in different languages with survivors of the female-only Nazi concentration camp Ravensbrück in a so-called Clarin Resource Family to enable comparative and multidisciplinary research.


During the CLARIN cafe, Stef Scagliola (Oral historian from NL) and Silvia Calamai (socio-linguist from Italy), together with their colleagues from the knowledge network, will explain what the project entails and what researchers can do with the collected data. The spoken language will be English.


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