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Are you fluent in Papiamentu?

We are looking for people fluent in Papiamentu to record short fragments on their phones.

Curaçao has a lot of old audio material that is of value for the historiography of the island. Consider, for example, the oral history interviews Rose Mary Allen conducted in the 1980s and 1990s. This is important heritage, but unfortunately Papiamentu is not yet included in AI speech recognition software. This hinders people from quickly and efficiently transcribing audio recordings in Papiamentu and making the material accessible.

Together, we can solve this problem! We can train the software with the beautiful sounds of Papiamentu so that we can easily convert spoken texts Papiamentu into written texts. But for this we need your help.


The recordings take a maximum of 30 seconds and it can be done simply with a phone. We understand that your time is precious, but it won’t take much time. We will provide the lyrics, all you have to do is read aloud, record it and mail it to us.


The more people participate, the better we can train the programme. With your contribution, we will ensure an important development for the heritage of Curaçao and Papiamentu!


Want to join? Email us for more information and the texts at


The call is also available for download in pdf-format. Sharing the call is appreciated.


Photo: ‘Curaçao, W.I., WILLEMSTAD, Entrance


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