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Call for papers: Oral History and Life Stories Network

The Oral History and Life Stories Network is one of the 27 networks of the ESSHC and brings together oral history and life story researchers and practitioners who explore memory, narratives, and history. Broadly, they want to encourage papers that explore methodological questions and challenges as well as the relationship between oral histories and the construction and analysis of life stories, both in terms of processes and outcomes.


This is a thematically open Call for Papers, but they would like to stimulate some topics that may attract broader interest:


  •  theoretical and methodological challenges of oral history today
  • impact of the digitization process on doing oral history and the analysis; challenges of digitization (audio and video), e.g.
  • transcript, keywording, archiving
  • reuse of (archived) oral history materials
  • reflections on legal issues and ethical questions in oral history
  • themes of oral history today, e.g. whose memories are collected, analysed, and archived
  • shared authority/sharing authority
  • teaching oral history and supervision of oral history projects – experiences, challenges, concepts
  • reflections on combining oral history and life story methods
  • relations of oral history to other fields (e.g. social sciences, ethnology, memory studies, etc.)

The deadline for the required pre-registration and upload of a paper or session proposal at the ESSHC website is April 15, 2024.