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Alphons Bouwman, spokesperson for the small farmers

Historisch Geluidsarchief RUU
Time period: 1934-1945
Number of interviews: 1 (1 person)
Accessibility: for research purposes
Transcripts: summary
Period of interviews: 1965

Type interview: scientific

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Medium: 4 audio tapes

R. Schuurbiers and S.J. Vellenga interviewed seventy-one-year-old Alphons Bouwman (1894-1968) about his role in the peasant protest, the Actie Bouwman and his role within National Socialism.


Bouwman became the action leader of the protest “Actie voor den Kleinen Boer,” also known as the “Actie Bouwman,” in 1934. Subsequently, Bouwman continued to work for the small farmers and decided to enter politics. He ran for the House of Representatives on behalf of the “Small Self-Employed”. Bouwman’s own nursery suffered; he put a lot of time and money into his campaign. Success in the House of Representatives elections became a neck and neck for Bouwman . Bouwman lost and failed to gain a seat in the 1937 elections.


Then, with the remnants of his movement, Bouwman sought to join Arnold Meijer’s “Zwart Front,” a fascist and anti-Semitic organization. In 1940, he joined the NSB, which led to his appointment as mayor of Budel in 1943. After the war, he was arrested and detained in the internment camp in the Horssen forest. He received an eight-year prison sentence, but was pardoned after four years.


For further information on this interview and the interviewed, see: SFW-werkuitgave no. 8 (1995), p.8.