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Antwerp Jewish Historical Archive – Archives of Sylvain Brachfeld

Time period: 1939-1979


Number of interviews: 120

Original carrier: audio cassettes

Digitised: wav, mp3

Access: online, FelixArchief reading room (registration required)

The archive is freely consultable


This archive contains a wealth of information about the Jewish presence in Antwerp and also testifies to the life and work of Sylvain Brachfeld, author and guardian of the history and memory of the Antwerp Jewish community. The archive consists of two large parts: the manuscripts and publications of Sylvain Brachfeld himself, with hundreds of articles, various books and poems written by him. In them, he describes every possible facet of Jewish life. The second part contains the testimonies he collected, including some 200 audiocassettes, more than 1200 photographs, slides, negatives and videotapes. Various books and studies relating to Judaism in Belgium are also present. The audio cassettes form a very important part of the archive. In the 1970s, Mr Brachfeld interviewed many Jewish families in Antwerp, resulting in about 120 stories with precious memories, since many of those witnesses are already deceased. He himself belongs to the last generation who can still testify directly about the Shoah.


Sylvain Brachfeld used his research for several publications