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BEKU (weekly radio program)
Bòi Antoin
Time period: 2007 - now
Number of interviews: 32
Accessibility: Online
Transcripts: Onbekend

Journalist and author Bòi Antoin has built up an extensive collection of Bonairean cultural heritage on Bonaire in recent years. BEKU is a weekly two-hour radio program, on the air since 1985, first as Radiotopiko and since 2007 as BEKU. BEKU is broadcast at radio station Voz di Boneiru 94.7FM. The program provides a platform for the entire community to bring forward, discuss and exchange the state of local holistic culture and dynamic society. All programs are live streamed, recorded and can be viewed on facebook.


More information on the various collections captured by Bòi Antoin can be found here.