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Climb to Freedom

Time period: 1940-1945



Realisatie project:

Stichting DdM


Tijdsbestek: 1940-1945
Locatie: Nederland, Engeland
Aantal interviews: 5


Thematische collectie: Erfgoed van de Oorlog



Interviews te zien via:


An estimated 1700 Dutchmen left the country after the capitulation of the Netherlands with the intention to contribute from England to the allied fight against nazi-Germany. One of the escape lines along which these Engelandvaarders travelled to England via Belgium, France, (Switzerland) and Spain was the Van Niftrik-Van Tricht line. The Van Niftrik and Van Tricht families provided forged travel documents, gave guidance along the way, pointed out reliable contacts and gave the British sailors vital advice.


Within the framework of the oral history project, interviews were held with former England migrants, in order to gain more insight into the Van Niftrik-Van Tricht line of escape, which has remained underexposed up until now. The interviewees discuss the role of this underground network in the (southern) smuggling of England, how they learned of its existence, how they came into contact with the network and what practical and personal problems they encountered during the journey to England.