Collection of Historical Working Materials

Bron: Beeldbank SALHA Objectnummer:WAA72004. Jaar: 1925.
Theo de Munnik
Time period: 1950–1998
Number of interviews: 6
Accessibility: Limited
Transcripts: Unknown
Period of interviews: 1997-1998

Interviews with former workers about their lives as workers in tanning and shoemaking, general social life and the future of the Netherlands and Europe.


Photo: Teachers and pupils of the Rijksvakschool voor Leerlooiers en Schoenmakers (later M.V.L.S.) in Waalwijk. Source: Image bank Streekarchief Langstraat Heusden Altena, Object number:WAA72004. Year:1925.

Bron: Beeldbank Streekarchief Langstraat Heusden Altena, Objectnummer: BRH00203