Collection Zijlmans

J.C. Zijlman / KITLV
Time period: 1945-1950
Number of interviews: 380
Accessibility: Only after permission from the Head of Collections are consulted
Transcripts: Only after permission from the Head of Collections are consulted
Period of interviews: 80s
Medium: 130 audio cassettes



Timeframe: 1945-1950

Location: Indonesië, Java

Number of interviews: 380

(on 130 audiocassettes)


The text and sound documents can only be consulted with the permission of the Head of Collections. The existing privacy legislation must be observed. The tapes have been transferred to the AV Collection.

The Royal Institute for Language, Agriculture and Ethnology (kitlv) has the only interview collection on the post-war history of the Corps.
These were years of reconstruction and the eventual disbandment of the corps.


The interviews were conducted by G.C. Zijlmans for his dissertation Final struggle and downfall of the Indonesian administrative service: the corps Internal Administration on Java 1945-1950 (1985). The interviews portray the exceptionally difficult circumstances under which the corps had to work in 1945-1950.


The civil servants were confronted with politicisation of the Indonesian administration and militarisation on the Dutch side. In addition, there was the tension of a possible political and military confrontation with the Republic of Indonesia. The Zijlmans collection gives an impression of the adaptability and the functioning of the Dutch authority under these circumstances.


The 380 interviews were recorded on 130 audiocassettes. Because of the fragility of the cassettes, some of which were already badly damaged, the collection has now been digitised.