Time period: 1928-1986


Collection former Stichting Film en Wetenschap


Interviewers: : Peter Mol, Anneke van Renssen
Number of interviews: 9

Sound carrier: 10 cassette tapes
Type of interview(s): scientific
Production date: 1991-92

Accessibility: for research purposes
Transcription: partial 


The interviewees talk about their involvement in the production of films commissioned by the CPN and in the making of the
television broadcasts of this party since 1965, within the framework of the Zendtijd voor Politieke Partijen (Broadcasting time for political parties, ZPP). The interviews were included in: Bert Hogenkamp and Peter Mol, Van beeld tot beeld. The films and television broadcasts of the CPN, 1928-1986, Amsterdam: Stichting Film en Wetenschap, 1993. The material was also used in Peter Mol, Het mes moest aan twee kanten snijden. Hoe de Communistische Partij van
Nederland used the broadcast time for political parties, 1965-1978, Amsterdam (doctoral thesis New and Newest History, University of Amsterdam), 1995.