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Number of interviews: 7
Accessibility: Access through a request form on the website.

The cultural heritage of design consists not only of sketches, models, photographs or correspondence of designers. With design, there is also a strong interplay between explicit knowledge and unconscious knowledge, knowledge that may be passed on but which usually does not receive written expression. That is why the Flemish Architecture Institute conducted interviews with designers, policy-makers and craftspeople.


For each of the seven interviews, you will find a short summary and brief biographical information of the interviewee on the website. If you would like to consult the full interview, please fill in the request form.


  • Leonce Dekeijse
  • José Vanderlinden
  • Luc en Katrien Mestdagh
  • Achiel Pauwels
  • Moniek Bucquoye
  • Lieven Daenens
  • Johan Valcke