Dutch development policy Surinam

Stichting Film en Wetenschap
Time period: 1954-1975


Collection former Film and Science Foundation


Interviewer(s): Paulien van den Tempel

Number of persons: 14

Number of interviews: 21
Production date: March-July 1975
Type of interview(s): scientific
Carrier: 25 tapes
Accessibility: restricted
Transcription: none

The interviews were conducted within the framework of Van den Tempel’s PhD research on the Dutch development policy for Suriname since 1954.
Almost all interviews were held in Paramaribo. The interviewees held an official or political position in Suriname in or before 1975 and speak about the Dutch development policy for Suriname. In November 1975 Suriname became independent.


dr. H. Adhin, mr. C.R. Biswamitre, ir. R. Cambridge (2x), dr. ir. F.E. Essed (5x), ir. F.R. Frijmersum, ir. G. Hindori, E. Karamat Ali, L. Neslo (2x), mr. J. van Petten, ir. R. Shankar, ir. A.G. Smit, drs. R. Somaroo (2x), J. Thijm, dr. ir. H.M. IJvel