Dutch East Indies

Aankomst Johan van Oldenbarneveldt met repatrianten in Amsterdam, Bestanddeelnr 909-4259
Dick Verkijk
Number of interviews: 24
Accessibility: restricted
Transcripts: summary
Period of interviews: 1971

Medium: 5 geluidsbanden

The interview series involves mostly short conversations (ranging from four to 40 minutes) with Dutch East Indies people. They discuss their arrival in the Netherlands and their assimilation into Dutch
society. The material was used for an NOS radio programme, broadcast in March 1971.


Interviewer(s): Dick Verkijk


Number of interviewees: 27

Oort, K. Pavilcek, father and son Pietersz, Mr Pratacik, Coen Pronk, Mr de Riemer, Mr Robinson, Dr H. Ruiter, J. Sluyters, Prof J.D. Spekman, Mr and Mrs Tielman, de Vries