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Dutch Indies collection 400

Kamp Makassar, West-Java
NIOD Instituut voor Oorlogs-, Holocaust- en Genocidestudies
Time period: 1940-1983
Number of interviews: 6
Accessibility: public
Transcripts: no
Period of interviews: 1983, 1989

NIOD Collection 400 IC

The collection is in the public domain. Inventory numbers 8494 – 8498 can be consulted in NIOD’s reading room. Inventory number 1520 can be accessed directly online.


The East Indies collection was formed from archive and documentation material donated by private individuals. Since 1946, NIOD has been collecting material relating to the period starting with the run-up to World War II until the transfer of sovereignty in December 1949.

The focus has been on the experiences of Dutch people during the Japanese occupation. The collection contains 5 interviews with 6 people conducted for the documentary Je blijft toch een vreemde made by Marius van Deventer, 1983 and 1 interview conducted in 1989 with W.C. van Nifterik on World War II by Werner Zonderop. With the latter interview, poems by the interviewee are also available under inventory number 5444. These poems were written in Tjipinang prison.


The interviews discuss events and experiences in the years 1940 – 1983.
They mainly discuss Indonesia, Jakarta, Makassar and the Netherlands. Themes include World War II, Japanese occupation, Indonesian resistance, sentencing and imprisonment in Tjipinang prison, internment in Camp Makassar and Camp Vincentius, work in the lumbering construction crew, refugees from Singapore.