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Dutch-speaking Brussels residents

Time period: 2002 - 2012
Number of interviews: 71
Transcripts: 58

Brussels narrated and unveiled (2002-2003)
Brussels at work (2003-2004)
The great and small history of the cobblestone (2003-2004)
The Flemish Memory of Brussels (2011-2012)


As a community archive, the AMVB wants to keep its finger on the pulse of what touched and moves Dutch-speaking Brussels residents. This is why the AMVB is enthusiastically collecting personal testimonies from Vic Anciaux, Jacky Duyck, Clara Haesaert, Louis Van Geyt, among others…. Using the oral history methodology, Dutch-speaking Brussels residents are being interviewed about the North Quarter, butchers’ shops, amateur theatre, rederijkerij and Dutch-speaking socio-cultural club life.


The results of the initiatives Brussels told and unlocked (2002-2003), Brussels at work (2003-2004), The large and small history of the cobblestone (2003-2004) and The Flemish Memory of Brussels (2011-2012) – in total more than 70 interviews – can be listened to via the digital reading room. You can also view the disclosure sheet and photo of the interviewee there.