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Following Franciscus… Friars Minor witnesses

Museum de Mindere
Number of interviews: 48
Accessibility: On request
Period of interviews: 2007 - 2009

Between 1 April 2007 and 15 December 2009, according to the methodology of ‘oral history’, 48 in-depth interviews were conducted with Friars Minor, former confreres, a claris and others involved. In addition to these audio recordings, 9 interviews were filmed so that we have 28 hours of professional footage.


By collecting these ‘testimonies’ through in-depth interviews, we obtained a ‘more complete’ picture of the recent history of the Friars Minor. There has been a lot of research into the order in Flanders in the past. This has mainly given us information about ‘facts’. But how the Friars Minor ‘experienced’ everything personally is an aspect that was not covered before.


© P. Longinus de Munter, franciscan and photographer

As a function of the set-up ‘they came barefoot…’, audio and visual clips of the interviews were unlocked. Such testimonials succeed much better than traditional presentations in communicating a complex story to a wide audience. After all, we now live in an environment where images and sound are dominant.

‘Leaves in a tree’

6 Fathers and 1 Sister Claris were interviewed on camera. Very candidly, they talk about their vocation, their faith and experiences within the order. Maurice Noben turned it into a fascinating testimonial film. The film can be viewed continuously in the museum.