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G.F. ‘Ito’ Tromp Collection

Number of interviews: 41
Transcripts: yes
Period of interviews: 1960-1970

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Entrevistanan Etnografico y Grabacionnan Musical y Cultural (1967-1975)

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Entrevista cu: Dijkhoff, Casildo Castulio (n. 7 maart 1895)
Entrevista cu: Fuentes geb. Koolman, Nicolasa (n. 1898)
Entrevista cu: Ridderstap, Catharina (Mayeye; n. 31 oktober 1875)
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On Aruba in the 1960s and 1970s, Mr. Hubert Lio Booi and Mr. Ito Tromp collected the oral history of the Aruban people, mainly of the Mestizo (indigenous) Aruban people. Their collection is kept in the National Library of Aruba under the name G.F. ‘Ito’ Tromp Collection.

Booi and Tromp have collected much valuable information about Aruban traditional culture.


Ito Tromp