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Gevaert developed

Time period: 1928 - 2003
Number of interviews: 67
Transcripts: Yes
Period of interviews: 2015 - 2017
Medium: Partly video, partly audio

The Gevaert project was started in 2016, following the search for a common past (and identity) for the Zuidrand. Agfa Gevaert’s impact on the region was enormous. Because the archive of Gevaert was transferred to the Fotomuseum Antwerpen, the Streekvereniging Zuidrand was able to set up a cooperation to shape this piece of Zuidrand history. The relocation of this collection led to the idea of giving the objects, archives, photos, posters, films, cameras, etc. a voice.



In the summer of 2018, in cooperation with the Kleine Expeditie, we filmed the scale model that was made for the 1958 World Expo, and which at the time stood out in the shadow of the Atomium.

This miniature reproduction of the Mortsel factory was the starting point of the virtual tour “Gevaert ont-wikkeld”. Together with the volunteers and some former employees, we mapped out the different places on the model and linked the stories to the correct location.

You can discover the wonderful result of this collaboration via the link below.


Together with dozens of volunteers, de Zuidrand went in search of stories about working at Gevaert. Story days were organised, interviews conducted and calls launched. In 2018, on the occasion of the 150th birthday of Lieven Gevaert, the Streekvereniging Zuidrand launched the publication “Ik werk(te) bij Gevaert”, which can be downloaded here. It contains stories, interviews, drawings, photographs, etc. about the work in the factory, through the eyes of the former employees of Gevaert.

This publication was only the first part of the project. We also wanted to link the fantastic stories and interviews to the places in the factory where they took place.