Haagse Post interviews

Historisch Geluidsarchief RUU, Haagse Post
Time period: 1950-1980
Number of interviews: 5
Accessibility: for research purposes
Transcripts: summaries
Period of interviews: 1962-1963


The collection has not yet been digitized and therefore cannot be viewed directly at Sound & Vision. Digitization can, however, be requested from Sound & Vision via:

Medium: 2 audiotapes

Interviews with mr J.M.L.Th. Cals, mr G. van Hall, mr J.M.A.H. Luns, drs J.W. de Pous, prof A. Vondeling for the Haagse Post.

Subject: Dutch politics, Amsterdam, Bijlmermeer, EEC
Interviewers: J. van Tijn, P. Remarque, G.B.J. Hiltermann

Transcription: summary in the form of articles in the Haagse Post