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Henri de Wolf | Wolf is the name

Buddy Hermans, Stichting Beeldlijn
Time period: 1960 - 1986
Number of interviews: 6 (van 24 in totaal)
Accessibility: Available through Filmbank Groningen
Period of interviews: 1989

Archivist: Buddy Hermans, Beeldlijn Foundation
Archive manager: Filmbank Groningen/Groninger Archieven
Interviews conducted: 1989
Number: 6 interviews (of 24 total)



Management: The collection is managed by Filmbank Groningen/Groninger Archives.
Access: The collection is public. The video files can be viewed directly online via Filmbank Groningen.
Preservation: The collection has been digitized and permanently stored at an e-depot.


Publication(s) associated with the collection: Hermans, B. (Director). (1990). Henri de Wolf | Wolf is the name
(and for sidewalk friends Hannibal). Beeldlijn Foundation.

The interviews were conducted for the documentary Wolf is the name (and for sidewalk friends Hannibal) by Buddy Hermans and Jan de Ruiter.
The documentary portrays artist Henri Wolf and shines a light on the artistic and cultural climate in the city of Groningen in the 1960s to the 1980s. The interviews were conducted with acquaintances of Henri Wolf and are partly about his Indian background.
Time, place and themes: The interviews deal with events and experiences in the 1960s – 1986.
They are mainly about the Netherlands. Themes include influence of Indian descent, private life, art, working through.