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Inhabitants of Bruges talk about the past and the present

Time period: 1981-2020

In recent years, many testimonials from Bruges residents on specific subjects have been collected. They told their story and selections from the interviews could be listened to via audio or video via the website and However, technical problems forced us to take both websites offline. All interviews are kept in the Bruges City Archives and can be consulted there. Please contact for more information.

You can download the full list of interviewees here.

  • 150 jaar lerarenopleiding KHBO (Vives)
  • 175 jaar Spermalie (Interviews conducted in 2011-2012)
  • Badkamercultuur in  Zeebrugge (Interviews conducted in 2005)
  • Brugs Uurtje (Interviews conducted in 1989-1996)
  • Brugs Uurtje (Interviews conducted in 1997-2002)
  • Brugse Derbyverhalen Club en Cercle (Interviews conducted in 2013)
  • Brugse migranten (Interviews conducted in 2014)
  • Brugse sporthelden (Interviews conducted in 2011
  • Cinema Bruges (Interviews conducted in 2007)
  • Diamantslijpers in Brugge (Interviews conducted in 2008)
  • Dudzele vertelt (Interviews conducted in 2005)
  • Expo 58 (Interviews conducted in 2008)
  • Georgestje (Interviews conducted in 2010)
  • Kristus Koning vertelt (Interviews conducted in 2007)
  • Leven rond de fabriek (Interviews conducted in 1998)
  • Pelgrimsverhalen (Interviews conducted in 2011)
  • Pinksteren Sint-Michiels 1944 (Interviews conducted in 2003)
  • Poppenspel Den Uyl (Interviews conducted in 2013)
  • Transit Zeebrugge (Interviews conducted in 2004)
  • Tweede wereldoorlog in Brugge (Interviews conducted in 2008, 2009)
  • Ver-Assebroek vertelt (Interviews conducted in 2010)
  • Zwangerschap en geboorte (Interviews conducted in 2005)
  • Zwembad Jan Guilini (Interviews conducted in 2008)