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Interview project late 1980s early 1990s

Stichting Moluks Museum
Time period: 1951-1976
Number of interviews: 69
Accessibility: restricted public
Period of interviews: 1988-1991

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Zoek in: Museumcollectie – Audiovisueel archief

Trefwoord: interviews

Jaar vanaf: 1988

tot: 1991


The interviews can be listened to by appointment at Museum
Maluku, enquiries can be sent to:


The aim of the interview project was to capture life stories of the first generation. They were asked about their experiences in the first 20 years in the Netherlands.


The interviews focus on events and experiences in the years 1930 – 1991 with an emphasis on 1951 – 1976. They mainly discuss the Netherlands, Indonesia, the Moluccas.
Themes include government policy, integration, resistance, domestic governance, RMS government.


Sometimes there are several inventory numbers per person.