Interviews Henne Pauli

Henne Pauli
Time period: 1978-1984
Number of interviews: 11
Accessibility: Only the digital files can be consulted.

Interviews by Henne Pauli on Wim Kok’s presidency of the FNV with Joop den Uyl, Chris van Veen, Piet Vos and Kok himself.

Joop den Uyl in July 1983. 83 min.

Chris van Veen, chairman of the Confederation of Dutch Enterprises (VNO). 97 min.

Piet Vos, secretary of the Industrial Union FNV. 139 min.

Wim Kok. 93 min.


Interviews by Pauli with politicians and union officials: Willem Aantjes, Fons Arnolds, Wim Duisenberg, Ruud Lubbers, Greetje Lubbi, Piet Steenkamp, Jan Terlouw and Karin Adelmund.

Willem Aantjes and Ruud Lubbers on 25 October 1978 following the debate on ‘Bestek ’81’ . 124 min.

Fons Arnolds, expert on the Catholic labour movement, on 20 March 1983 on the future of the FNV . 124 min.

Wim Duisenberg on 16 July 1984 on the SER. 91 min.

Greetje Lubbi, president of the Food Union FNV, on 20 March 1983. on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Karl Marx’s death on Marx’s traces in the trade union movement. 94 min.

Piet Steenkamp on working time reduction. 62 min.

Jan Terlouw on a report released by D’66 on technological innovation and socio-economic policy. 65 min.

Karin Adelmund. 45 min.