Interviews Varkevisser with union officials

Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis  (IISG)

Audiocollectie Interviews met vakbondsleden




Number of interviews: 42


The digital files are described as they originally appeared on the analog material, in the case of cassettes that means, side A and side B. The collection originally consisted of 105 cassettes signed GC3/379-483. They were digitized in 2016.

Accessibility: Only the digital files are consultable.


Between 1981 and 1989, former FNV employee Jan Varkevisser interviewed former union officials and former cadres of the FNV, ABOP and
CNV interviewed. The project was a collaboration between the Trade Union Historical Society and the IISH and aimed to add personal experiences to trade union history.

The files contain interviews with 42 former trade union officials. They tell the story of their private and working lives. The interviews were conducted as part of a project to provide more background on union history.


Frans Drabbe, Nel Tegelaar, Herman Bode, Wim Spit, © Het geheugen van de vakbeweging