Interviews with union members

Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis 

Audiocollectie Interviews met vakbondsleden




Number of interviews: 7

Number of individuals: 8

The digital files were described based on inscriptions on the analogue material. For audio cassettes, each side (A and B) is a separate unit of description. The collection originally consisted of 4 cassettes signed GC3/327-GC3/330. The cassettes were digitised in 2015.

Accessibility: Only the digital files are consultable.

The Trade Union Historical Society was founded in 1983; its objectives were to increase knowledge of trade union history and promote interest in the history of the trade union movement.


This audio collection features interviews with members of the St Eloy Katholieke Arbeidersbeweging, Algemeene Nederlandsche Metaalbewerkerbond Rotterdam, the Algemene Nederlandse Bouwarbeidersbond, ABB and ABVA, Amsterdam, NVV, Friesland, the Transportbond and the Algemene Nederlandse Diamantbewerkerbond.


The archive was deposited with the IISH in 2005 by the VHV “Friends of the History of the Trade Union Movement” Foundation; with an addition in 2018 from IISH backlogs and in 2021 from Jacques van Gerwen.