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Javanese in the (Dutch) polder
Number of interviews: 42
Accessibility: via BHIC and Haags Gemeentearchief
Transcripts: yes
Period of interviews: 2012-

BHIC (19 interviews)

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At ‘Archief’ scroll down and click on ‘Javanen in de Polder’ 

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Haags Gemeentearchief (23 interviews)

Enter in search field: 1522-01 Javanen in de (Nederlandse) polder

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The project “Javanese in the (Dutch) Polder” (JIP project for short) is an ongoing project that started in December 2012. In the project, STICHJI, in collaboration with trackers, searches for tangible traces of Javanese Surinamese in the Netherlands. Using personal photographs and personal stories, the process of migration and settlement of interviewees is documented. Automatically, these interviews include work life, social life and involvement in social initiatives. Together, the collected material forms the tangible and intangible heritage of Javanese Surinamese in the Netherlands, which is deposited with local archives with which STICHJI collaborates.

The project started in North Brabant and The Hague and is being expanded to other places where many Javanese live. The material collected by trackers of the JIP project has been used for various exhibitions, lectures and publications.


Warung Mini XL Den Haag. Fotograaf: Matte Soemopawiro