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Journey of the razzia

Stichting Reis van de Razzia
Time period: 1944-1945
Number of interviews: 76
Accessibility: public
Period of interviews: 2012

Online publication:

25 maart 2016








The collection is housed at DANS:

Jager, MA E. J. de (Stichting Reis van de Razzia) (2014): Thematische collectie: Erfgoed van de Oorlog, Getuigen Verhalen, Project ‘Reis van de Razzia’. DANS.


Aantal interviews: 76

On the evening of 9 November 1944, 8,000 German soldiers were deployed in Aktion Rosenstock. A cordon was quietly erected around Rotterdam and Schiedam. On the following two days, a total of more than 52,000 Rotterdammers and Schiedammers between the ages of seventeen and forty were rounded up and taken to Germany. Forced labour was the main objective, but the occupying forces also wanted to remove all able-bodied men from the western part of the Netherlands by means of the raid.


During their employment in Germany and the eastern part of the Netherlands, several thousand Rotterdammers died due to illness, malnutrition, escape attempts and acts of war. After the war ended, most of the forced labourers returned home as Displaced Persons.


With the capture of 52,000 men, the Rotterdam razzia was the largest manhunt conducted by the German National Socialist regime. For the project Reis van de Razzia, a total of 76 interviews with witnesses were recorded, providing insight into what happened.


Razzia’s. Deportatie mannen, Rotterdam. Foto is gemaakt in een woning aan de Oudedijk te Rotterdam. 10/11/1944. © L.M.A. van der Werff