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Last Eyewitnesses Second World War

Stichting Oorlogsverhalen
Time period: 1940-1945
Number of interviews: 57
Accessibility: on demand
Transcripts: summaries available
Period of interviews: 2019 - present

Upon request and on rare occasions, the raw material can be viewed.


The ‘Last Eyewitnesses of the Second World War’ features survivors who experienced the war first-hand both in the Netherlands and in the then Dutch East Indies, and those for whom the effects during and after the war are felt to this day. They are unique, personal testimonies, filmed and published for and by the War Stories Foundation.


The shortened interviews are public and directly accessible through the War Stories Foundation website.


Pia Media produced five TV broadcasts for broadcaster ONS/Nostalgienet The Last Eyewitnesses of the Second World War in the East Indies in 2022, in which (some of) these interviews were used.