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Liberal advocates

CAVA - Centrum voor Academische en Vrijzinnige Archieven
Number of interviews: 4
Accessibility: public
Period of interviews: 2012-2015

Karel Poma


Op zoek … De evolutie van het vrijzinnig humanisme in Vlaanderen sinds de Tweede Wereldoorlog

Gily Coene, Jimmy Koppen, Frank Scheelings (red.)

Uitgeverij ASP/VUBPRESS, 2018

ISBN: 978 90 5718 7094

(voorkant: linosnede Gerard Gaudaen)





Liberal humanism has always been able to count on champions. Sometimes these were personalities who fought from the proverbial barricades, and who were known by the general public. But often they were men and women behind the scenes, who from their commitment and conviction as humanists, created and helped shape the liberal associations, the non-confessional ethics course or the liberal ceremonies.


As part of the project A liberal-humanist cultural heritage forum for Flanders (2012-2015), CAVA went in search of these people and their stories and testimonies. Some of them came to the fore through the storytelling evenings. But others were active in several fields and deserve an in-depth interview. These interviews can be seen



  • Interview with Karel Poma (10 July 2014)
  • Interview with Hugo Dufour (28 January 2015)
  • Interview with Luc Devuyst (28 April 2015)
  • Interview with Sonja Eggerickx (19 January 2015)