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Long shadow of Sobibor

Time period: 1930-2009


Realisation project:

Selma Leydesdorff (interviews), University of Amsterdam

Mirjam Huffener (project manager), Stichting Sobibor


Timeframe: 1930-2009
Location: Netherlands, Poland, Sobibor





The Long Shadow of Sobibor collection contains 31 interviews with both relatives of people murdered in Sobibor and with Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian survivors of the Sobibor uprising (October 14, 1943).


The interviews are life histories in which the interviewees tell about the world they left behind with the death of relatives in Sobibor, and how they lived their lives afterwards without their loved ones. Next of kin tell what the murder of their loved one has meant. Often one or both parents are involved. The survivors, of the revolt that took place in Sobibor on October 14, 1943, also go into their lives before and after the extermination camp in their stories.