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Lunch time



Number of interviews: 17

Interviews and transcripts can be accessed through:

oral source

Although there is nothing more everyday than the lunch break, we still know little about it. Amsab-ISG is taking up the challenge of a project on lunch time in order to shed light on how working people used to spend their lunch break, both in the past and today.


Food … is not only a collection of products that can be used for statistical or nutritional studies. It is also, and at the same time, a system of communication, a body of images, a protocol of usages, situations and behavior. (Roland Barthes, 1975).


The project consists of making an inventory, recording and preserving the testimonies about meal times collected in the past and collecting and recording stories that fill the gaps in this heritage. Engaging podcasts open up the testimonies to the public. On a meta-level, this project focuses on both the potential and the problems of oral testimony in the collections of various heritage institutions. FARO is a partner in setting up a collegial group on this subject.



  • FARO
  • Industriemuseum Gent
  • Centrum Agrarische Geschiedenis Leuven
  • Erfgoedcel Brussel van de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie
  • Kusterfgoed
  • Riolenmuseum Brussel
  • Werkplaats Immaterieel Erfgoed
  • Archiefpunt
  • Red Star Line