Military Authority

Historisch Geluidsarchief RUU / R. de Koeyer, J. Rijken
Time period: 1944-1945
Number of interviews: 3
Accessibility: for research purposes
Transcripts: no
Period of interviews: 1970

Medium: 4 sound tapes

Zeeuws archief


Film footage of the destruction of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (1944 Sep.-Oct.), the liberation of Middelburg (1944 Nov.) and the destruction of Koewacht by a V1 (1945 Mar.), 1944-1945.

The interviews were made for the doctoral thesis on history (RUU) of R. de Koeyer under the (probable) title Het Militair Gezag in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.
P. de Bruyne was First Additional Officer Military Authority in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in 1944-45

W. de Kok was interned by order of the MG in 1944-45 on charges of sympathising with the NSB

C.W. Slot (vice-admiral b.d.) held the position of provincial commissioner of Zeeland at the MG.



  • P. de Bruyne
  • W. de Kok
  • C.W. Slot