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Military Authority

Historisch Geluidsarchief RUU / R. de Koeyer, J. Rijken
Time period: 1944-1945
Number of interviews: 3
Accessibility: for research purposes
Transcripts: no
Period of interviews: 1970

The collection has not yet been digitized and therefore cannot be viewed directly at Sound & Vision. Digitization can, however, be requested from Sound & Vision via: 

Medium: 4 audio tapes

Zeeuws archief


Film footage of the destruction of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (1944 Sep.-Oct.), the liberation of Middelburg (1944 Nov.) and the destruction of Koewacht by a V1 (1945 Mar.), 1944-1945.

The Military Authority (MG) was a body to establish an interim administration in the period following the liberation of the Netherlands as long as a state of war still prevailed and the government could not yet assume authority. Its task was to maintain public peace and order, to maintain connections between Dutch civilian bodies and Allied army authorities, and to represent the Dutch government. It was also concerned with restoring and maintaining security and weather. On Sept. 23, 1944, the Military Commissioner (MC) for the province of Zeeland settled in Axel.


The interviews were made for the doctoral thesis in history (RUU) of R. de Koeyer under the (probable) title Het Militair Gezag in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.


The following persons were interviewed:

  • P. de Bruyne was First Additional Officer Military Authority in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in 1944-45
  • C.W. Slot (vice-admiral b.d.) held the position of provincial commissioner of Zeeland in the MG
  • W. de Kok was interned in 1944-45 by order of the MG on charges of sympathizing with the NSB