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Stichting Film en Wetenschap / Jos Nap
Number of interviews: 3 (3 people)
Accessibility: for research purposes
Transcripts: None
Period of interviews: 1989-1990

The collection can be found in the digital archive DAAN: Sound & Vision

Medium: 3 cassette tapes

The interviewees talk about the time they worked at the Haarlem film production company Multifilm. During the interview with Gerdes, his wife is present in the background. Van den Berg, trained as a lawyer, joined Multifilm in January 1939 as a secretary and procurer. She also did “odd jobs” such as printing and projecting. Gerdes was a cameraman and screenwriter. He became a permanent employee in 1948, although before that he had made commissioned films for the Haarlem company as a free-lancer. Rouw (b. 1914), who by his own admission had originally wanted to become a ship’s cook, was hired in 1929 as an errand boy by Multifilm founder J.C. Mol. He developed into a cameraman and laboratory assistant. In 1958 they all joined the newly established television production company Cinecentrum in Hilversum, which merged Multifilm, Polygoon and Profilti.



  • Zus van den Berg
  • Willem Gerdes
  • Tjerk Rouw