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Norbert Schmelzer

Voormalig Stichting Film en Wetenschap
Time period: 1930-1970
Number of interviews: 1 (1 person)
Accessibility: Restricted
Transcripts: None
Period of interviews: 1974

The collection has not yet been digitized and therefore cannot be viewed directly at Sound & Vision. Digitization can, however, be requested from Sound & Vision via: 

Medium: 2 audiotapes

Schmelzer (born 1911) recounts how he and his cabaret group joined the regiment of shock troops during the period in question. Songs are sung during the interview, accompanied by Schmelzer on the piano. Furthermore, he lists what the various members of the cabaret group of the time went on to do later. Among other things, Schmelzer himself was Foreign Minister in the Biesheuvel Cabinet from July 1971 to May 11, 1973.


Parts of the interview were incorporated by Jaap van der Merwe into his VARA radio series on the period 1940-45, broadcast during 1973.