Oral History broadcasting history

Sound and Vision
Time period: 1919-1993
Number of interviews: 141
Period of interviews: 1978-1993


Interviews with broadcasting pioneers about their role in the history of Dutch radio and TV. As the programme makers are now considerably elderly, this is a last chance for Het Omroepmuseum (the predecessor of The Institute of Sound and Vision) to record their stories for posterity. Thus a special form of “oral history” relating to the early years of broadcasting was created between 1978 and 1993.

The interviews are available in the archive of Sound and Vision, SOUND AND VISION. An overview with descriptions of the content of the interviews from the catalogue can be READ HERE.


Interviews by Harrie Vossen, Jan van Herpen, Gerard van Beek, P.M. Bakker, Stef Lokin, Heinz Joosten, Cor van Driel, L. van der Linden, Arend Woudsma, Marnix Koolhaas.