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Oral history of the second feminist wave in Flanders

Stem vrouw-actie van PAG Mechelen, 1971 (collectie AVG-Carhif)
Time period: 1970-1985
Number of interviews: 30
Accessibility: Reasoned request. The institution then reviews the transcripts (privacy-sensitive passages) and checks the contract with the interviewee (possible restrictions on use).
Transcripts: Available (pdf, word)
Period of interviews: 2012 - 2013





Medium: wav (with conversion to mp3).

The aim of the project was twofold:

  • To generate source material on feminism of the so-called ‘second feminist wave’ by interviewing protagonists of this movement with special attention to aspects that remain underexposed in written sources.
  • To introduce the general public to (the ideas of) the second feminist wave by means of interactive web modules using, among other things, interview fragments.


  • 30 interviews (15 protagonists, 2 interviews each): digital files with transcription and metadata
  • Video interviews with 8 protagonists, from which several passages were cut for the didactic website: GENDERHISTORY.BE


The second feminist wave is the name of a period of feminist activism in the late 1960s and 1970s.  It was part of a broader movement of social protest, like the student protest of May ’68. This website introduces you to the feminist movement in Flanders. What did the feminists want ‘from the second wave’? And how do they look back on that period today?


The website is meant as an introduction to the history of the women’s movement.



In 2012-2013 the Archive Centre for Women’s History (AVG) worked on the project about the history of the second wave of feminism in Belgium.

This article was published about the course of the project and the learning process the AVG went through regarding digital sustainability.