Oral History Project, 1940-present

Time period: 1940-heden
Number of interviews: 18
Accessibility: Accessible at the Noord-Hollands Archive reading room (visitor's pass)
Transcripts: Unknown

The collection consists of 18 recorded interviews with inhabitants of Haarlem about the history of the city and the region between 1940 and 2010. The aim of the project was to visualise the development of Haarlem from 1940 until today on the basis of interviews with inhabitants of Haarlem and its surroundings. With this information, all clients of the Noord Hollands Archief (NHA) can use the interviews as illustration material or source for their research, thesis or paper. The subjects on which the persons to be interviewed were selected ranged from the Second World War and other political developments from 1940 to the present, urban development (both the construction of the city and its social developments), culture, education and science, and health care.


1 Gerrit Jonker (1916)

2 Krijn Haasnoot (1923)

3 Marinus Fuit (1934)

4 Iede Bloemsma (1921)

5 Jan de Bruin (1920)

6 Dirk Johan Enschedé (1923-2015)

7 J.F.M. van de Louw (1936)

8 Michel van der Plas (alias Ben Brinkel) (1927-2013)

9 Ben Endlich (1916-2006)

10 Luus van Dusschoten (1930-2012)

11 Mrs M.D. Voet-de Landmeter (1920)

12 Jan Reehorst (1923)

13 Henk Wieringa (1931)

14 Truus Menger-Oversteegen (1923-2016)

15 Frans Tames (1946)

16 Jan Haverkort (1951-2014)

17 Poppe de Boer

18 Johan Slinger