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Repatriated wives of Moluccan KNIL soldiers

Time period: 1945-1965



Realisation project:

Oogland Filmproducties


Timeframe: 1945-1965
Location: Indonesië, Molukken
Aantal interviews: 7


Thematic collection: Erfgoed van de Oorlog



The interviews can be seen at:


This oral history project records the testimonies of the wives of Moluccan KNIL soldiers who came to the Netherlands between 1951 and 1953. In the interviews, the women, whose voices have barely penetrated the historiography, explain how the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies and the subsequent Indonesian struggle for independence influenced their life choices.


The interviews also reveal to what extent the women were involved in their husbands’ decision to fight the Indonesian independence movement together with the colonial ruler. The women also discuss the extent to which their husbands’ choices influenced their personal relationships, the relationships to their native country and how their attitude towards Moluccan independence was determined by it.