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Resistance in Tilburg

Regionaal Archief Tilburg, 420 Collectie geluidsbanden en cassettes Tilburg
Time period: 1940-1945
Number of interviews: 8
Accessibility: Available
Period of interviews: 1984

Ad de Beer in conversation with the Van Eerdewijk-Sandbergen family about the raid on Coba Pulskens in Diepenstraat in Tilburg on July 9, 1944. Van Eerdewijk was involved in Coba’s illegal work and lived next door to Coba Pulskens.

Gerrit Kobes in conversation with C. v.d. Hooft, during the war district leader of the LO/LKP, Brabant-Oost and with Mr. Hamburg, during the war active in the resistance within Tilburg, Group O.D.

Gerrit Kobes in conversation with Brother Frederico, Father Rembertus (Rooie Rem) and Jan Franken about the illegality within the LO/LKP, Brabant East.

Gerrit Kobes in conversation with Eppo Boer at Beesterzwaag, during the war working as an illegal worker (district leader) within the LO/LKP, Tilburg West region. After the liberation Mr. Boer was active in the establishment of MTN (Motor Transport Nederland), predecessor of the AAT.


Four resistance fighters during the vacations around August/September 1941. With glasses Jac Theelen and to his right Leo Winkelmolen. They came from Limburg and were in hiding with Coba Pulskens – © Regionaal Archief Tilburg