SDAP 1940-46

Collection former Stichting Film en Wetenschap
Time period: 1940-1946
Number of interviews: 23
Accessibility: Restricted
Transcripts: None
Period of interviews: 1988 - 1996

Medium: 2 sound tapes + 37 cassette tapes

The interviewees are former SDAP members who talk about Dutch social democracy during the German occupation and the transition from the SDAP to the PvdA in 1946. Some also talk about their own political development, such as Klinkenberg from his membership in the NJN (Dutch Youth League for Nature Studies), via the SDAP to the radical left since the Indonesia issue in 1947 and the position of the PvdA in this matter.
Denekamp conducted the interviews for his planned dissertation (UvA) on this subject. Earlier he wrote “Van SDAP naar PvdA. How big was the loss?”, Amsterdam
(doctoral thesis in political science, UvA), 1982.



Designer: Albert Hahn jr., 1919