Socialist Youth of the Netherlands

© Fotograaf Onbekend / Anefo - Nationaal Archief, CC0

International Institure of Social History  (IISG)


Collected by Eric de Lange




Number of interviews: 12

Number of persons: 15

Period: 1960-1975

Accessibility: Only the digital files are consultable.

The digital files are described on the basis of inscriptions on the analogue material. The collection originally consisted of 14 audio tapes signed GB1/877 to GB1/890. For audio cassettes, each side (A and B) is a separate unit of description.

Eric de Lange (1947-2003), sociologist, researched Socialist Youth of the Netherlands founded in 1960.

From the contact between the Zaanse PSP youth and members of the radical Politeia branch in Rotterdam; movement for young people that had to fill a gap after the disappearance of traditional socialist youth movements. SJ had revolutionary socialist foundations and sought a better society through actions and study circles. In this new movement, Politeians dominated. SJ became a small but very active and disciplined organisation. It tried to uphold the traditional ideals and symbols of the socialist labour movement. Examples included Pentecostal camps, the address title of ‘comrade’ and the wearing of blue shirts.