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Testimonies Holocaust WWII, Crea 16

Time period: 1942
Number of interviews: 5
Accessibility: Contact the Vredescentrum
Transcripts: None
Medium: mp4

During the roundups of 1942, arrested Jewish Antwerp citizens were gathered in municipal buildings. This also happened in primary school 16, the current urban primary school Crea 16. 

On the occasion of the commemoration of the events that took place on the playground
of Crea 16 on 28 August 1942, an elaborate educational programme was made “Urban primary school Crea 16 during the Second World War”. 


An audiovisual part consists of edited video fragments of about 10 to 12 minutes.
Five witnesses reflect on their experiences as children during the war years. These video testimonies came about thanks to a school project of the Stedelijk Lyceum Linkeroever about going to school in wartime. The Peace Centre supported this project.


Inspiration collection Youth in wartime

A young look at the Second World War


This collection of inspiration was created on the occasion of the commemoration of the events that took place in the Crea 16 playground on 28 August 1942. At that time, hundreds of Jews were rounded up in the Zurenborg neighbourhood and gathered on the school playground. In the early morning, they were taken to the transit camp de Dossin Barracks in Mechelen. This story can be found here in the reading text “Stedelijke basisschool Crea 16 tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog”. Let this elaborate example inspire you to get to work yourself.


This inspiration booklet will help you on your way.
This bundle for teachers consists of 6 parts:
1. An audio-visual part (video fragments);
2. Three pillars of remembrance education;
3. Teaching opportunities;
4. Texts for teaching and a timeline;
From the archive: time documents;
6. Suggestions for additional activities