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Testimonies of Dutch women who had a relationship with a German man

Time period: 1940-1945


Project realisation:

Cogis, Kennisinstituut voor de sociale en psychische gevolgen van oorlog, vervolging en geweld © (2009)


Number of interviews: 10


Thematic collection: Erfgoed van de Oorlog



You can fall in love in wartime, even with the occupier. This project records the stories of Dutch women who had love affairs with German soldiers during the Second World War. The punishment for these women was often shaving their heads after the liberation. Research by historian Monika Diederichs shows that these were not spontaneous, incidental actions of aggrieved citizens. The shaving of the heads of ‘Kraut girls’ took the form of a public outcry of a structural nature, not infrequently involving local authorities.


Recording the experiences of these women is important because relatively little research has been done on this subject. The interviews provide insight into the women’s individual and personal experiences and the nature of their relations with the occupying forces. The stories of the interviewees form a special addition to the image of ‘moffenmeiden’ as it emerges from the literature. See in this context also: the Diederichs Collection