The 1930s

Crisis in de jaren 30: een rij werklozen in een stempellokaal in Amsterdam. © Nationaal Archief
Martin Schouten
Time period: 30s
Number of interviews: 13
Accessibility: for research purposes
Transcripts: Partly
Period of interviews: 1975-1980

Transcription De Vink missing, rest complete

Medium: 1 audiotape, 23 cassette tapes

Author: Schouten, Martin
Publisher: De bezige Bij, 1981


Interviews by Volkskrant journalist with seventy people about their personal experiences from the crisis years.

The interviewees speak from their distinct positions about their experiences in the 1930s. The interviews have been incorporated into
Schouten’s book Voor de oorlog. Herinneringen aan de jaren ’30s, Amsterdam: De Bezige Bij, 1982; also published as a two-volume edition by the Stichting Burgerschapskunde/Nederlands Centrum voor Politieke Vorming in 1981.


  • Hendrik Algra, teacher, chairman of the ARP electoral association in Leeuwarden
  • Pieter Both, one of the first KLM pilots since 1928
  • Jenny Brus, daughter of a station restaurant owner in Zevenaar
  • Elly Bysterus Heemskerk, violinist with the Concertgebouw Orchestra
  • Leo Corsius, a socialist crane operator at the Sphinx pottery factory in Maastricht
  • Frits Günther, CPN member from Amsterdam
  • Sjeng Hardy, employee at the Maastricht Sphinx earthenware factory
  • Frans Laheij, head of three stamping rooms in Maastricht
  • Stan Poppe Sr was a municipal councillor for the SDAP
  • Jozef Rosenberg, shopkeeper in Zevenaar
  • Jan Rot, political cartoonist and one of the leaders of the SDAP in Amsterdam
  • Pi Scheffer, teacher and trombonist/arranger
  • Koos de Vink talks about his poverty-stricken childhood in Leiden, his political sympathies and his friendship with Marinus van der Lubbe