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The Moluccan perspective in wartime

Een M23 Vickers 6,5 mm mitrailleur (Beeldbank WO2 NIOD)

Moluks Historisch Museum
Number of interviews: 48
Accessibility: restricted public

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Interviews 01, 11, 16, 17, 31, 39 and 48 are freely accessible (open access) to registered EASY users. Access to the other interviews (restricted) requires permission from the depositor first.


As part of the oral history project, interviews were held with elderly Moluccans about their experiences during the Second World War and its aftermath. Not only Moluccans who currently live in The Netherlands are interviewed, but also respondents in Indonesia. They often have different experiences and a different perspective on the war years and the time after than those who came to the Netherlands around 1951. By interviewing both groups a bridge is built between the historiography of the war in the Netherlands and in the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia. Respondents from various layers of the population and from different religious backgrounds are interviewed. Some interviews are in Dutch, others in Indonesian or a Malay dialect.


Anti tank gun with caterpillar tractor in the N.E.I. army (KNIL). NI 248