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The Willy Lindwer Holocaust Video Archive

Time period: 1940-1945


Willy Lindwer, AVA Productions BV


Timeframe: 1940-1945

Location: Netherlands

Number of interviews: 83



The material is not yet available through DANS. However, you can contact Willy Lindwer himself, contact details can be found on his website.

Since 1970, filmmaker Willy Lindwer has built up a film and video collection that focuses on the Holocaust. This material includes unique oral history material about the persecution of Jews in the Netherlands. In this project, 83 interviews from this collection, recorded in the period 1986-2004, are described and digitised. They form the raw source material that was used for seven documentaries.


Among the many interviewees are: Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper, who witnessed Anne Frank’s death in Bergen-Belsen, Jehshua and Hennie Birnbaum-Szaja, who ran the orphanage in Westerbork, and Mirjam Bolle- Levie, secretary to David Cohen, chairman of the Jewish Council.