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The Wim Kok, Lodewijk de Waal, Henk Muller tapes

Time period: 2016-2023
Number of interviews: 15
Accessibility: online
Period of interviews: 2016 - 2023

The International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam has been investing in so-called ‘oral history projects’ for several years now. Which means, among other things: gaining insight into aspects of social and trade union history through conversations and interviews, which you don’t find so directly in most written or digital material.
This led in 2016-2017 to a series of extensive and fascinating interviews with Wim Kok (1938-2018), followed in 2018 by a series of no less exciting conversations with Lodewijk de Waal.
In early 2023, the next shoot on the trunk of this project saw the light of day: the Henk Muller tapes. Four interviews with this dyed-in-the-wool trade unionist.

The result: many hours of unique trade union historical video material. Below is the complete overview and links to the interviews.


Collection Interviews Wim Kok



Collection Interviews Lodewijk de Waal



Collection Interviews Henk Muller