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Their work, their life – 1950 – 2010

Werkneemster UCO Desmet-Guequier, jaren 1960-70
Time period: 1950-2010

Number of interviews: 47 


By request on the premises of the library and according to the conditions stipulated in the user agreement with the respondent.


Interviews with workers, employees and executives of the Ghent textile industry

complete audio interviews and transcripts in the library; metadata, audio fragments and short description of each interview will be published on the museum website in 2022; metadata:



The project Their work, their lives: Witnesses from the Ghent textile industry 1950-2010 was a logical continuation of the museum’s forty-year tradition of collecting oral sources.

The source material is extensive: there are 44 audio files, totalling more than six hours of interviews, and another 12 mini-documentaries.


Setting up this large-scale oral history project and a meeting day for former employees and employers of the textile industry proved to be a valuable way of strengthening the collection.


The interviews from the oral history project are included in the existing collection management system, with transcriptions and identification sheets. Moreover, they can be linked to the objects and documents acquired through donations within the framework of the project (biographical and participatory collecting).


– final report of the project in the library collection and available for consultation
– audio fragments in the main exhibition ‘About people and machines’ of the museum
– information source for stories on the website
– information from the interviews formed a basis for the lecture ‘The soul of textile’ by Hilde Langeraert
– fragments of interviews are included in posts on social media and in articles in the museum newspaper
– fragments of interviews are used in the project and the podcast ‘Schafttijd’ van het Amsab



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