Two Thousand Witnesses Tell Their Stories



Individual visitors can view the video archive in the Knowledge Centre of the Jewish Museum. The interviews are not on the internet and cannot be ordered at the Jewish Museum.


Number of interviews: 2000

The Jewish Historical Museum created access to two thousand stories of Dutch Jews from the video archive of the USC Shoah Foundation. 

The impact that these stories have on viewers, of any age, can hardly be underestimated. Each video tells a unique story. Stories about persecution, historical events, personal events, but also the power of survival.


The 2000 interviews are on display in the Knowledge Centre of the Jewish Museum and could be viewed in a temporary exhibition in the Hollandsche Schouwburg until April 2020.

Each of the 2,000 interviews on show at the Jewish Museum has a summary in Dutch and is divided into chapters. This way, it immediately becomes clear which subjects are discussed, at which location and for how long.


The interviews can be searched by personal name, keyword and words from the summary. Interested parties can search the interviews, read descriptions of the interviews and watch all or part of the interviews. Thanks to the keywords and the clear structure, interested parties and researchers can focus on a part of an interview.


The archive of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute contains almost 52,000 interviews with Holocaust survivors. These testimonies were recorded in 34 different countries between 1995 and 1998 by the Shoah Foundation Institute in Los Angeles, initiated by Steven Spielberg and financed with the royalties from his film Schindler’s List.


The entire collection of 53,000 videos can be accessed at various locations around the world. See the location-overview.

In the USC Shoah Foundation catalogue, you can search through all 53,000 videos (after registration).